Erin Warner, LMT

Erin Warner, LMT, offers her clients soothing, relaxing massage using many varied techniques. Her techniques are as individual as the client and their needs. She works from a belief that everyone should be very active in their own healing. Erin offers Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue and Myosketelal Alignment Techniques. Swedish massage is a relaxing light massage to relieve tension in the muscles, while Deep Tissue uses deeper techniques to loosen tight muscles which may include trigger point therapy, neuromuscular techniques, and stretching. Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques are used to help correct common compensatory patterns in the muscles, so that they don’t become pain/strain patterns. These techniques identify muscle imbalances and encourage the muscles to return to their natural state thereby relieving pain.

Before coming to the SCWH, Erin worked along-side a chiropractor, in a spa environment and with young competitive gymnasts at a Connecticut gym.  Hours are by appointment only.  Erin can be contacted at (203) 530-8998